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Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

My Story

First, I never wanted to fall in love. Scared to death if it feels there is another sense in this heart. Who knows how long that fear will disappear. Until one day, feeling came by accident. Worry, be happy, happy and sad. All my feelings mixed together.
It is true, love is beautiful. I lead with feeling proud of him. In a relationship, not as easy as I thought. Lots of twists and turns of life in love.
My prediction about love is a big mistake. Now I was growing up. Good or bad I'm in love must face hard. That is the consequence. Tears that may have been many times this fall from my eyes. Maybe it's my fault that has the wrong person.
 I never knew what was wrong and my sin. All I want is an eternal happiness.
Sometimes I could not control my own emotions. Upon learning of profound betrayal of love scrawled a deep wound. I'm angry, disappointed, sliced very hear my friend talking about the fact of his betrayal. I am so stupid! Cry about the love that is not necessarily true. It's hard to open our hearts to love me.
Sometimes the love that makes me a tough, resilient, and always striving to achieve happiness. But sometimes also the love that has taken so long all the happiness that I desire.
In the dictionary love, love is a feeling of love that arises partly by accident among men with women and vice verse. Love not looked at the property, physical or spiritual. Must require fidelity, confidence and sincerity in living it.
Only aims to make each other and trust each other happy.
Right now I do not want to know love! Many people ask me, it's better to love or be loved? And at that moment I was conscious and answered. It is better to love ... for what? Because loving someone more comfortable. Useless if we are loved but not loved that person. Although it hurts to love it, but love does not have to have. Enough to see a loved one happy, it is a pleasure for our feature.
Although our loved ones have been with someone else though.
It took a heavy sacrifice to reap satisfactory results. But, in making love. Success or failure in finding love, it's not going to be a serious problem. There should be a meeting and parting.
I have faith, my love only god knows. Either tomorrow, or the future. Only the confidence and trust. That God will provide the best for me, for my life and for my future will be.
Think more clearly. Continue to move forward without having to look back again. The past is the experience and the future is a dream to be achieved. Struggling for life, with love from friends, parents and people who care about us.
It is only prayer that can bless me. I was careful to follow the words. This is all bitter experience and also experience the most beautiful. I feel fortunate to have met with love. It's just that I have to bear the heavy burden upon the departure of that love.
Maybe when it's hard to forget someone that was, and always came into my life. Always accompanied with wonderful days I spent. Sad, happy, I go through with it. For so long I've known adult figure in her. But just a second, can leave memories. So quickly he went from my life.
Fate can not be denied. We must accept gracefully. Decision to remain in the teaching of God and not to forget the obligation. The principle of life is necessary. To be able to keep moving forward and reaching for dreams are pending. Dropped for failing to undergo a relationship.
Desperate? Just a waste of time for unimportant things like that. God will not agree and hate people who are desperate. Indeed, everyone was always sorry for what had happened. I was also never felt the same. But that's not the end all of life.
And now I'll try, love traveling finding. After God introduced me to people who are in the middle of nowhere. And, first. I was ready to roam ... travel to find love and life.

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